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Christian Views on Voting: Why Vote at All?

Today we begin a new series of posts considering views on voting from different Christian perspectives. We hope you’ll think about these issues carefully, regardless of what you decide.

imageHistorically there have been some Christians, particularly among the Mennonites, who have chosen to abstain from the voting process. Many of these Christians abstain from voting because they believe it is inherently violent in that it is an action directed at enforcing one’s will upon others. Whether or not they are correct about this assessment is a good debate, but I’d like to suggest that there is a more fundamental reason to abstain from voting. The Christian is to belong to the Kingdom of God and not to have any faith in governments of men. More simply put, voting is unethical. Putting such faith in government is no less than idolatry.

The true choice is not between politician A and politician B, but between voting and not voting. I choose not to vote. I know it is not a popular position, even among Christians. As a conscientious abstainer I don’t take this position because it is popular, but because it is right.

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