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Edmund Opitz Archive

Welcome to the Rev. Edmund A. Opitz Archive on Here you will find an expanding collection of articles by …

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Book Reviews

“The Libertarian Theology of Freedom” Book Review

Book Information: The Libertarian Theology of Freedom. Opitz, Edmund A. Tampa, FL: Hallberg Publishing Corporation, 1999. 160 pages. Only recently …

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My Journey Through Liberty

I’d like to describe some of the elements of my religious heritage, personal history, and intellectual development that have brought me thus far. If you are reading this and are unsure of whether or not libertarianism is compatible with the Christian faith, well, this is how I got this way and I hope it explains what it means to me, personally, to be a libertarian and a Christian.

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Book Reviews

Book Review: Founding Faith, by Steven Waldman

A book review of Founding Faith (subtitle: Providence, Politics and the Birth of Religious Freedom in America) by Steven Waldman, …

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