Christian Nationalism in the United states

Re-Issue: Ep 308: Christian Nationalism in the United States, with Paul D. Miller

Re-issue: Ep 308: Christian Nationalism in the United States, with Paul D. Miller

In this episode, Doug Stuart speaks with Dr. Paul D. Miller about Christian nationalism. Dr. Paul D. Miller is a Professor in the Practice of International Affairs at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. See his profile here. Miller published the book, The Religion of American Greatness: What’s Wrong with Christian Nationalism. Stuart and Miller begin with the general sentiment about “love of country” and conclude with why this means we should oppose Christian nationalism. But, of course, Christian nationalism in America raises important question about racism.

Miller gives reasoned, incisive response without the typical polemics that tend to go along such a controversial topic. He helps listeners think about the difference between personal sentiment of racism, and the backdrop of racialized issues and language, without appealing to woke ideology. Was race really a motivator for electing Barak Obama? Why CN is more culturally motivated than politically motivated, and why the crossover from culture to politics is happening none-the-less.

Christians against Christian nationalism should be the sentiment shared by Bible-believing liberty-lovers. Ideas about American equivalence to Israel is simply bad doctrine. Desires to resurrect so-called “Christendom” is also based on an arguably unbiblical ideology of establishmentarianism. If you’ve been looking for an honest and rational conversation about Christian nationalism, then please listen to this episode and considering purchasing Miller’s excellent book.

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Main Points of Discussion

00:00 Introduction
02:28 The complexity behind the question, “do you love your country?”
3:36 Guarding against love of country becomes idolatry
05:57 Why this book now? The Religion of American Greatness: What’s Wrong with Christian Nationalism
08:10 Nationalism as a reactionary response to rapid socio-economic change
09:29 Is “our first black President” really about race?
12:15 “Sublimated” racism – racialized vs racism
15:05 Info about the book and main thesis – trilogy of Christian political theory
16:44 The belief that our nation has a specific fixed cultural identity – Anglo-protestant
18:10 Who are the major intellectuals advocating for Christian nationalism? What are their strongest arguments?
19:42 How much of this depends on the idea the Founders wanted to found a Christian nation?
20:50 Why would Christians want to defend nationalism beyond the cultural element?
21:54 The desire to resurrect “Christendom.”
22:35 Invokes sexual revolution, but this isn’t really about our national identity
23:18 Biblical theology of nations – kinship vs political entity
25:02 Israel is not a template for what a nation should be
26:48 Critique of Stephen Wolfe’s book
27:57 Tribalism vs personal identity – what similarities qualify for the tribe?
30:10 Is it fair for the media to caricature all discussion on CN as race-baiting, or a dog whistle for white nationalism?
32:21 Effectively opposing nationalism – be a patriot (against nationalism)
33:51 Is Trump a nationalist? American greatness, not liberty
35:52 “America’s Heritage” has a lot of baggage for different people – rhetorical vagueness is the tool of every politicians; weaponizing the past
37:08 Concluding thoughts

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