Ep 309: The Libertarianism of Star Wars with Stephen Kent

Summary – The Libertarianism of Star Wars with Stephen Kent

Dr. Norman Horn speaks with Stephen Kent, author of the book, “How The Force Can Fix The World.” Kent’s book explores the libertarian themes, and the relevance Star Wars has to Christianity. The guys then break into spoilers about the new series, Andor.

Main Points of Discussion

00:00 Introduction
01:35 About Stephen Kent
03:16 Christian influences on Kent (and Star Wars?)
04:56 Purpose in producing the book – political polarization and enmity
07:26 Inserting your opponents as being The Empire or The Rebellion
10:14 Chapter on humility and common values
17:20 Matthew 18 – childlike faith
22:06 The Death Star and Luke Skywalker
Talking about new Star Wars productions: Andor

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