Ed Opitz, RIP

Edmund Opitz [OWEpitz] was for 37 years one of the senior staff members at the Foundation for Economic Education. He died on February 13, four days before his colleague at FEE, Paul Poirot, also died. Opitz was 92. Poirot was 90. Opitz was FEE’s resident theologian. He was an ordained Congregational minister. Earlier, he had been a Unitarian minister, but as he grew older, he grew more conservative.

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Can Christians Be Libertarians?

If a stranger told you he’s an evangelical Christian who believes homosexuality is a sin and that the Holy Bible is the inerrant word of God, which political label would you ascribe to him? Odds are good you’d assume he’s a conservative, because, well, those seem like the calling cards of a right-winger…

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How can we have such a skewed perspective on sin?

It’s one thing to consider homosexuality a sin, it is entirely another to consider outlawing the practice of homosexuality. Homosexual individuals have just as much a right to behave in non-coercive ways as heterosexuals. And why? Because they are human beings.

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The Pandemic Bites

Libertarian Christian Answers to Questions about the Pandemic

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