Would Allowing Firearms on Campus Protect Students?

Proponents of “gun free” campuses often say there is no reason to believe that guns on campus would prevent violence on campus. They feel confident saying this merely because guns are not currently allowed on campuses so we cannot amass any evidence. But to the contrary, this evidence does exist. Law-abiding citizens can and have used guns to prevent violence at schools in multiple instances.

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The Californicrisis and Bank Nationalization

When an economy undergoes a contraction, governments collect less revenue simply because less is happening and less is being bought. Consumer cutbacks are a good and healthy occurrence – individuals reduce consumption in favor of saving, and the economy can resume a sustainable growth pattern. The loss of revenue, however, is obviously despised by government bureaucracy.

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40 Reasons to Ban Guns

Christians are not forbidden by Christ to practice basic self-defense. There are times, of course, when suffering through persecution (even unto death) will happen, but

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GW’s Presidential Review

Over at The Humble Libertarian, Sir Messamore has put together an excellent post-mortem of the last eight years of accomplishments from the Oval Office. Twice,

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The Pandemic Bites

Libertarian Christian Answers to Questions about the Pandemic

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