You Can be a Christian
and a Libertarian

You Are Called to Freedom!

Do you consider yourself a libertarian and a Christian? If so, have you ever experienced a tension between your political philosophy and your faith?

You are not alone!

Many of us have. In fact, that tension is so real that much of society tells us something must be wrong. There is an active debate among Christians about the role of libertarians and among libertarians about the role of Christians. Our main goals at the Libertarian Christian Institute are to engage these active debates, to help Christians learn to love their libertarian brethren, and to articulate how libertarianism is a consistent expression of Christian political thought.

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Articles about CTF

Who Wrote CTF?

Written by six friends who all identify as libertarian Christians, this book explores the tension between libertarianism and Christianity and offers encouragement to people who find themselves caught between the two.


Elise Daniel, Editor

Elise Daniel is the content director of Bellwether Communications and serves as the firm’s managing partner in Washington, DC. She graduated from James Madison University with a BBA in economics.


Jacqueline Isaacs, Co-author

Jacqueline Isaacs is the strategic director of Bellwether Communications and serves as the firm’s managing partner in Nashville, TN. She earned an MBA in marketing at Johns Hopkins University and a BS in government at Oral Roberts University.


Jason Hughey, Co-author

Jason Hughey is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. He earned his BA in government from Regent University, and he worked for several liberty-advancing nonprofits before switching to the fitness industry full-time.


Taylor Barkley, Co-author

Taylor Barkley lives in Washington, DC, with his wife and works at a public policy organization and part-time with Search Ministries. He graduated from Taylor University with a degree in history and political science.


Leah Hughey, Co-author

Leah Hughey is a graduate of Regent University, where she studied government and history. She works at a Christian ministry focused on fostering collaboration between charities and churches to solve social problems in the cities they serve.


Philip Luca, Co-author

Philip Luca is a marketing strategist working with tech companies and startups in the Washington, DC, area. He holds two degrees from Liberty University in digital media and theology, and is currently completing a certificate in entrepreneurship from the Wharton School.