Author: Isaac Morehouse

Private Charity Isn’t Enough

“The idea that churches can tackle national poverty, take care of those who are ill, and rebuild communities after natural disasters requires a spoonful of

Burqa Bans and True European Values

Here’s a letter I had published in the Washington Post about 1 year ago: French President Nicolas Sarkozy claims that banning burqas would uphold traditional

Moral Busybodies

This is a post originally written for the Prometheus blog, but it no longer appears there so I thought I’d repost it. —- “Of all

Bad Arguments Against Immigration

This was originally posted on the Shotgun Blog —- The Economic Argument Arguments against immigration on economic grounds basically boil down to “They took our

John Milton and Freedom

I personally love Milton. Paradise Lost is one of the most beautiful things in the English language. But Milton was more than a mere poet.


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