Ep 296: Doug Stuart Talks Social Justice and How to Speak to the Left


In this episode, Doug Stuart was invited by Aaron Harris onto the Decentralized Revolution Podcast. Doug and Aaron spoke in depth about a number of topics relevant to libertarianism, Christianity, and speaking to the left about issues of concern to them.

Summary – Doug Stuart Talks Social Justice and How to Speak to the Left

How do we present libertarianism to our leftist friends? They’re concerned with things that are easy to write off, but to what end should write them off, and are we missing an opportunity? Stuart and Harris dive into some interesting topics including covid, love of neighbor, social sins (social justice), the Marxist tendency to weaponize people and ideas that actually need serious consideration, the destruction of the family, democracy, and so much more. `

Main Points of Discussion

00:00 Introduction
05:55 On Covid restrictions from a Christian perspective
15:50 Supporting social justice while opposing the left’s solutions
24:26 Define social justice
29:42 How do we talk about real solutions to real social problems?
37:46 Democracy as an impulse to control
41:50 How do we open the eyes of our leftist friends?
47:44 The destruction of the family
52:23 Why is the left disconnected from the systemic injustice of central banking and monetary policy?
53:45 What is the aversion to learning economics?
59:33 How are the different libertarian factions responding to issues of social justice?
1:05:51 What are good resources for understanding and evaluating social justice?
1:10:06 Fascination with Jordan Peterson and his non-theological analysis of Scripture
1:16:54 Closing

Resources Mentioned

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