Ep 276: Ethical Thought and Communication, with Ryan Ragozine

Episode 276
Ryan Ragozine from the Thinker Sensitive podcast joins us this week to talk about how he saw podcasting as a way to educate outside of a classroom, what it means to be ethical thinkers and communicators as Christians, and how sound thought and speech may help Christians diffuse society’s current polarization.
Ethical thinking requires an individual to be a caring listener, someone who seeks to understand their opposition, and show empathy for their opinions. Our current culture is so quick to pounce; however, a sound thinker and communicator wishes to avoid bias brought on by partisanship, is fair, just, impartial, self-aware, open to criticism, and loving and gentle in speech. One can still be gentle and firm in their convictions, but there is a time and place for confrontation. Christ turning the tables was the exception, not the rule.
Christians are called to be peacemakers, intentional in their thoughts and words, understanding their influence in society. If a follower of Christ’s speech, thoughts, or actions lack fairness, reflection, empathy, gentleness, love, honesty, or self-awareness then they are broadcasting a tainted view of what is truly asked of a Christian. Our words should not be filled with mockery, self-righteousness, and anger, yet it is not uncommon to hear even a Christian communicate in such a way. We are influencers, and we cannot forget that when it comes to the big or small questions in life.
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