LCI 2020 Objectives

Here's What We're up to in 2020

With your help, 2020 will become LCI's biggest year ever! We have a few major projects we're focusing our efforts on, and we believe they will reach many Christians with the message of liberty.

2020 Theme:
Live Free & Flourish

We want to use the theme of human flourishing to help believers make the Christian case for a free society. Human flourishing is a common goal, and libertarian Christians can make a winsome defense of freedom if we can use it to promote human flourishing.

100 Tough Questions for Christian Libertarians

You already know that people ask Christian libertarians a lot of questions, and we're about to tackle all of the big ones!

We know how important it is to have ready answers to a defense of freedom, so we’re making some for you!

Mid-2020 we will release a book that will answer these questions in clear, succinct, and compelling ways. 

Libertarian Party Convention
Austin, TX
May 21-25

We’re at the forefront of making the Christian case for liberty, so it’s no wonder we need to help libertarians know how to make the case for Christians. Our attendance at the LP Convention will help further this cause.

Live NYC Debate: Date TBD

"To promote a Christian vision of human flourishing, Christians should support free market capitalism."

This is the proposition that Bob Murphy, popular libertarian economist and Christian, will defend. Opposing him will be Tony Campolo, longtime progressive evangelical advocate for social justice.

The debate will be recorded and published on Reason Magazine’s YouTube channel and their podcast. 

We have every reason to believe that the publicity gained by this debate will position LCI at the forefront of the debate for liberty, and a beacon of light for Christians seeking solid support for free markets.

Video Series: "Christianity vs. Libertarianism"

Is there an inherent conflict? Of course not!

We’re going to create a series of short, sharable videos for you to learn and share. 

Each video will feature a single person speaking to the camera about the topic directly, raising concern over the objection, and answering it satisfactorily. Cuts will be made to illustrations or animations capturing the information being said.

Camera Gimbal DSLR Video

"Christian Libertarian Review," Vol 3

Our Academic Journal Keeps on Going!

 The purpose of the CLR is to foster intellectual dialogue, exploration, and research surrounding the relationship between Christianity and libertarian thought. As a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary journal, contributions may span into fields of philosophy, political philosophy, theology, ethics, law, economics, anthropology, history, social studies and similar disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.

On Civil Government

David Lipscomb’s “On Civil Government” is an underappreciated asset for Christian Libertarians. In collaboration with Ed Stringham at AIER, LCI is working to produce an annotated reprint edition of this book that will provide greater depth of understanding for Christian thinkers and historians far beyond libertarian circles. We also plan to record an audiobook as well.

In case you're wondering...
We will still focus on what we've always done well: creating excellent content that equips the church to promote a free society!

Want to Learn More?

If you want to give big, you may wish for more details about some of these plans. If so, send us an email and we can arrange a phone call to go more in-depth.


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