Ep 37: News with Nick & Norman

Podcast Graphic - Episode 37

Mass shootings, gun control
Protest with a football
North Korea, South Korea, Rajoy as Franco

No, it’s not a new Billy Joel song; it’s a discussion of some very important current events in culture, domestic and foreign policy, and international news which have happened during the last couple of months. 2017 has seen a lot of extraordinary developments — some good, some bad, and some downright evil — and in this episode we discuss a few which have been prominent in recent news cycles. We start off with the Las Vegas shooting and the left calling for gun control, move into football in American culture and the anthem protest controversy, spend some time going over the escalating North Korean conflict and the Iranian nuclear deal, and close out discussing the Catalonian secession vote and what is currently transpiring in Spain.

Show Notes

David Gornoski: “The End of Football”
David Gornoski: “The Flag is a Coffin Veil”
Doug Bandow: “It’s Time for America to Cut South Korea Loose”
Doug Bandow: “The North Korea Crisis Is Coming to a Boil. It’s Time for Fresh Thinking.”
Doug Bandow: “Time to Strike a Diplomatic Deal with China on North Korea”
David Stockman: “The Deep State’s Bogus ‘Iranian Threat’”
Pat Buchanan: “Is War With Iran Now Inevitable?”
Justin Raimondo: “Catalonia: What’s Next?”
Jason Ditz: “Catalans Rally at Barcelona Parliament, Push for Independence”

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