Ep 9: Proclaiming Liberty to the Captives: Spiritual & Political

Podcast Graphic - Episode 9

In last week’s episode, Nick and Doug interviewed communications expert Robin Koerner on how to effectively reach people with the libertarian message. In this episode — recorded independently of the previous interview — Norman and Jason discuss their take on the subject, including a corollary issue which is sometimes raised by LCI supporters: how can libertarian Christians better communicate Christianity to other libertarians?

Are there parallels between Christian evangelism and advocating for liberty? How can libertarian Christians be both better evangelists for the gospel and better communicators of the liberty message? Find out in this episode of the Libertarian Christian Podcast! Alternatively, as many politicians seem to think that 1984 was an instruction manual, if you’re an aspiring pagan tyrant you could try the exact opposite of what Norman and Jason discuss (but we wouldn’t recommend it).

  1. Believe the Gospel (and imitate Jesus!)
  2. Share your testimony
  3. Ask powerful questions
  4. Find common ground
  5. Refine your beliefs
  6. Build Community
  7. Appreciate Strategic Diversity
  8. Strive for unity
  9. Know your enemy
  10. Remember that you weren’t always a believer


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