Announcing the LCI Advisory Board

It’s my honor to announce the formation of LCI’s new Advisory Board, and to introduce you to its first three members.

The Advisory Board is an all-volunteer group of distinguished experts in their respective fields who both identify as libertarian Christians and want to help LCI grow. I’m grateful to have them on the team, and anticipate that their advice, support, and expertise will be tremendously valuable to myself and the LCI Board of Directors as we continue to expand and reach more of the Church with the liberty message.

David Theroux is founder and President/CEO of The Independent Institute, as well as founder and President of the C.S. Lewis Society of California. He was also involved in leadership roles with the Cato Institute and the Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy at their respective beginnings. David is definitely one of the all-stars of the liberty movement, and it’s really fantastic to have him as one of our advisors.

Josh Feinberg is Vice President of Multichannel Sales at Mattress Firm. I’ve known Josh personally for several years, and he’s also a long-time friend of theologian and LCI contributor Dr. Jamin Hübner. Josh is undoubtedly one of the best salesmen I’ve ever met, knows a ton about events and marketing, and is an all-around great guy.

Aaron Ginn is co-founder of the Lincoln Network and is one of America’s leading experts on the intersection of politics and technology. I was first introduced to Aaron late last year, and am very pleased to have him on our team to help us refine, develop and grow our digital presence.

These three guys really love the Lord and want to see God’s people become leading advocates for a freer society. LCI will be adding more members of the Advisory Board as time goes on, and it’s certainly off to a fantastic start.

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