Free book on Catholic Social Teaching and the Market Economy

My friends at the Institute for Humane Studies informed me that the IEA has a new book available entitled Catholic Social Teaching and the Market Economy. It is a revised second edition of the original 2007 book. Right now, you can download it for free at their website as a PDF. A few highlights of […]

Where is the Religious Right Wrong?

When I first heard of this book, the title alone was enough to make me sympathetic to the author’s case. Since gaining steam in the 1970s, the Religious Right has become more or less synonymous with American evangelical Christianity, conservatism, and the Republican Party, with arguably disastrous results.

Author Matthew Mills states his purpose early in the first chapter: “I’m going to attempt to show what God, through His Word, specifically thinks about a lot of what’s going on in modern American politics. If you disagree with my position on an issue from a Biblical standpoint, I challenge you to come up with firm, Scripture-based reasons for doing so.”