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The Humongous Page of Libertarian Resources

I have wanted for quite some time to construct a page of online resources for libertarians (but especially libertarian Christians), which would include tons of links to the major libertarian websites one should be familiar with, blogs of note, and important articles. I am finally ready to release it into the wild, and I hope you find something of use on this very cool link list.

You will note that this list exists in two places on LCC: right here as a blog post, and also as a separate WordPress Page. There are two reasons for this. First, I want to feature the page prominently at the top of so that everyone can see it. Second, I want you to have a convenient way of commenting so that you can recommend other sites that should be on this list, and since I have comments on pages disabled that necessitates a post. I cannot claim that this is a complete list, or even that it’s my Top 100, but I want it to be constantly expanding and increasing in usefulness for everyone.

So, please take a look and feel free to comment, maybe you’ll find a site you’ve never heard of before now or an interesting classic article to read. And tell your friends to check it out, too.

At this time, the Resources Page is organized into these categories:

  • Libertarian Websites – the sites all libertarians should know
  • Libertarian Christian Blogs – Selected blogs for Christians of libertarian persuasion
  • General Libertarian Blogs – Selected blogs of general libertarian interest
  • Social Networking – Connect with other libertarians
  • Article Links – Significant and timely articles
  • Biblical Studies – Various ways of obtaining biblical/historical knowledge online

(I’m still working on HTML anchors for the headings, be patient!)

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Links for this Memorial Day

Laurence Vance and Bob Murphy report how the church has gone wacko in worship of the State rather than God: Blog: Temple Prostitution. Free Advice: Awkward Thoughts on Memorial Day. A conservative talk show host agrees to undergo waterboarding.…

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