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Meet Doug Stuart

Norman’s Note: I have been blessed to get to know Doug Stuart over the last year, and what a pleasure it is to welcome him as the next addition to LCC’s arsenal of writers on liberty! It really is amazing to see how the philosophy of liberty affects each of us differently, and Doug has a great perspective on how true liberty is a means of lifting people up. Welcome, Doug!

I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home with parents who raised me and my siblings to work hard, care about those in need, and never feel entitled to that which isn’t yours. My parents provided a stable and secure home life where we were taught family values and sound theology, but it was always in my nature to question everything. Perhaps I never grew past the “Why?” phase of my toddler years, but I always had an incredulous attitude toward those in authority. Because of this I have always appeared to be a natural contrarian. If there is a status quo, I will question it. (As you can already see, I was well-suited to be a libertarian!)

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Meet Doug Douma

Norman’s Note: Today I’d like to introduce you to the next writer to join the LCC team, Doug Douma! I met Doug almost three years now (has it really been that long, Doug?) at the 2008 Austrian Scholars Conference, and we became fast friends due to our common bonds of Christian faith, libertarianism, and professional engineering. You might remember Doug’s previous posts about Ayn Rand and the origin of natural rights; they continue to be some of the most-viewed posts on LCC. Doug has a few words to introduce himself again to you. Take it away, Doug!

I was blessed to be raised in a Christian family. I grew up in the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod and have continued to stay involved to this day. I’ve taught Sunday School for about 10 years – the first when time when I was 17. This year I’m blessed to be leading a Junior High group through the confirmation process.

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Meet Isaac Morehouse

Norman’s Note: LCC will soon be announcing a number of writers who will be contributing to the blog with articles, news analysis, book reviews, and more. Isaac Morehouse and I have been friends for a while now, and I am absolutely thrilled to welcome him to the LCC team!  I have asked each contributor to give their own story, so without delay, here’s Isaac…

Thanks to Norman and the whole LCC community for inviting me to blog here on a regular basis.  I expect to post something once a month or so, and I’m excited to get going!

First, a little about me and how I ended up as one of the smallest minorities on earth, a libertarian Christian…

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