Welcome to the second episode of The Libertarian Christian Podcast, and the first episode in which we’ll start to dive into some serious analysis. The mainline marketing gurus advise to ease into things without rocking the boat, so we thought it would be good to jump in with a non-controversial topic, like ‘Should civil government even exist?’ The liberty movement spans a broad range of thought on this issue, but most libertarians would roughly be classified as either advocates of a very small, limited civil government (minarchy) or advocates of some form of stateless society with no civil government (anarchy). What should libertarians think of this issue, and how does Christian theology come into play? Find out, in Episode 2 of The Libertarian Christian Podcast.

Ep 2: Anarchism and Minarchism in Christian thought

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Show Notes

Historical references, ancient to contemporary (representative samples; by no means exhaustive)

Exegesis, theology, and hermeneutics

Doug Stuart

Doug Stuart holds a Master of Divinity degree from Biblical Seminary and is a regular contributor to LibertarianChristians.com. He currently lives with his wife and three children in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where he enjoys home brewing, coffee roasting, reading, and aviation. He is a life group leader and deacon at an evangelical church, where he has also taught classes on film and culture, evangelism, faith and economics, and non-violence.
  • Dr. Jamin Hübner

    The sarcasm on marketing and the topic question made me laugh so loud I scared Jessica (my wife) while she was eating breakfast. Perfect way to start the day.

  • I was surprised that you mentioned C.H. Spurgeon. It is true that no one much considers his views regarding the state. I suspect the reason for that is that he was really not terribly consistent in his thought about most subjects. He was an orator/entertainer more than a philosopher/theologian. Sort of the Teddy Roosevelt of the particular Baptists.

  • LOL Thanks Jamin!