The Transportation Security Administration has demonstrated over and over again that they cannot be trusted with neither your personal liberty nor with your health. This infographic gives an excellent description of why and how they fail. (Cross-posted at

TSA Waste

Dr. Norman Horn

Norman founded and the Libertarian Christian Institute, and currently serves as its President and Editor-in-Chief. He holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and a Master of Arts in Theological Studies from the Austin Graduate School of Theology. He currently is a Postdoctoral researcher in Chemical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • TSA inefficiency and worthlessness is a given.  Bureaucrats are only responsive to their charter.  No common sense.  Can you see that Arab running down the aisle in the airplane brandishing those fingernail clippers?  Idiots!

    Airlines have the vested interest and should be in charge of their own security.  They are not hamstrung by political correctness and can exercise real security.  In this way the flying public pays for security rather than the taxpayer.  And, it will cost much less.

  • stefenwulf1260

    This is scary…but true. Kinda like Hell.