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The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: A Book Review

imageLet’s take a stroll today through something other than politics today. I recently read a book by Douglas Sean O’Donnell called The Beginning and End of Wisdom, and I thought you might like to hear about it. Becoming wise in the Lord is what every Christian aspires to do, and the Wisdom Literature in the Old Testament is a great way to start. Here is the review I posted on Amazon…

Understanding the Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament (Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Job) is a difficult task at times. On the one hand, the messages are frequently simple to understand and clearly applicable to anyone at any stage of life. On the other hand, connecting this literature to Jesus in the New Testament is complex. O’Donnell’s book engages the reader to think differently about the Wisdom Literature and see Christ in ways that perhaps he or she has never considered before.

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Statist Baggage on the Airlines

First it was the TSA; now it’s the airlines.

In addition to getting their bodies squeezed by the TSA, airline passengers are now getting their wallets squeezed by the airlines as well.

Some airlines have begun charging $5 for printing out your boarding pass at the airport. Even if you print from a self-service kiosk, you’ll still pay a $1 printing fee. Some airlines are now charging a 10 percent fee for infants traveling on international flights who are seated in your lap. One carrier, Ryanair, charges extra for babies on any flight, domestic or international. Some airlines have a fee of $40 for bringing a large carry-on onboard. The fee is only $20 if you indicate as much when you book your ticket. Some airlines are now charging extra for snacks. The last time I checked, JetBlue and US Airways were charging $7 for a blanket and pillow and American Airlines was charging $8. The extra fees were obviously not enough to help American, as it just filed for bankruptcy.

Obviously, to get around paying the fees, passengers could print their boarding passes at home, leave their infants with family members when flying overseas, travel only with small carry-on bags, eat before they board, forgo the blanket and pillow, or choose an airline that doesn’t have the particular fee they don’t want to pay.

But one practice that all airlines (except Southwest) have instituted, and maintained in spite of cries from the public that they are being gouged, is a fee for checked luggage. In a perfect illustration of the laws of supply and demand, as airlines imposed fees to check bags, more passengers began carrying their luggage onboard.

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