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Surgeon General Tries to “One-Up” Homeland Security in Fear Mongering

Surgeon general: Having fun can kill you, even if you just do it once.

Why can’t American’s kick the habit of engaging in non-necessary risky behavior and recreation, even after studies have proven it increases the odds of dying younger?  Some 20 million people die each year engaging in activities other than eating, sleeping, or building shelter; non-essential activities that should simply be avoided if American’s are to become healthier and have a longer lifespan.  Bureaucrats remain baffled as to why, despite the research and educational campaigns, people continue to do things like drive to the shopping mall on the weekend, an activity that increases the likelihood of non age-related death by 100 times.

“We need to kick this deadly habit of having fun”, the surgeon general warned, “Statistically, every 100 days of fun reduces lifespan by a few hours. And we all know, the best hours of life are those last few.  Why sacrifice them for a few thousand hours of fun during your young, healthy years?”  The health department produced a new list of recommended non-activity that it said, “could save millions of lives and raise the average lifespan from 78 to 82.” The surgeon-general also has put out a warning against the NFL Play60 campaign, which encourages kids to have 60 minutes of physical activity per day. “As pleasurable as this might be,” he said, “60 minutes a day is not worth your life! Don’t risk it!”

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Isaac Morehouse

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