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Mises Institute Torrents 2.0 Released

Great news, folks. The good people at the Ludwig von Mises Institute have released version 2.0 of their media and book “torrents,” which is simply the easiest way to obtain the entire Mises online library. (Click here for a brief intro to torrents.)

What is particularly awesome about LVMI in this regard is that they understand that material like this doesn’t have to be protected by the strong arm of the state through aggressive copyright law. Instead, they just completely circumvent it. All of it is provided at the grand old price of $0.00. How awesome is that? To have an entire library of knowledge at your fingertips for the cost of a few gigabytes of bandwidth.

And besides being an absolutely heroic gesture, it even benefits LVMI monetarily as well. Ever since LVMI started giving away everything in electronic PDF form for free, their book sales have skyrocketed – because it turns out many people (like me) continue to want hard copies in addition to the electronic editions.

Huzzah to the great Ludwig von Mises Institute!

Here’s the text of their blog post with the appropriate links:


Mises Torrents 2.0 Available

June 15, 2010 by David Veksler

It’s been about a year early since the first public release of torrents containing all the document and media content on The Mises Institute staff adds new content frequently, so it is time for version 2.0.  Here are the 2010 torrents: Mises Media (132 GB), Books (8.6GB), Journals (4.1 GB), PDFs (324 MB), and ReasonPapers (1.4 GB).

For more files and details see the original announcement.  If you are new to BitTorrent, install the uTorrent client, open the links above, and you’ll be on your way.

If you downloaded an earlier version of this content, please do not re-download everything.  In both uTorrent and Vuze, you can get just the missing files.  In uTorrent,  start the download and let it create the placeholder directory, then stop it.  Overwrite the placeholder directory with your existing files, then “Force Re-Check.”  You can do the same in Vuze –  just enable the option to “Truncate existing files that are too large” under Options->Files.  Then resume.

By my best calculations, we seeded last year’s torrents to thousands of computers worldwide and served over 4 terabytes from our servers alone.  Please help us spread the word and make this release even bigger.

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